QoS Design participates in NetSatDays, a side-event of Toulouse Space Show 2018
28 June 2018

The Toulouse Space Show was held in Centre de Congrès Pierre Baudis Toulouse, from the 26th to the 28th of June 2018. This event was organised in partnership with:

QoS Design participated in the conference NetSatDays and presented its work on “Satellite access network planning and control”. QoS Design developed NEST Satellite, a new software for QoS planning and control. NEST Satellite provides powerful tools for planning and optimizing DVB-RCS2 satellite access networks. It is the outcome of the collaboration between QoS Design and Thales Alenia Space. NEST Satellite allows simulating and optimizing a satellite access network by importing the associated topology and traffic measurements from the DVB-NMS and the deployed IPFIX probes, respectively. It allows validating new configuration strategies before deploying it on the real system, and evaluating its impact on the perceived QoS. It also allows determining if the actual configuration is suitable to handle new subscriber VSATs and ensure acceptable performances under fading conditions.