ONSET project with the DGA
15 November 2020

QoS Design launches in collaboration with LAAS-CNRS (www.laas.fr) the ONSET project (Optimal Network Slice managEmenT) for the DGA (www.defense.gouv.fr/dga).

The project objective is to develop novel approaches for the smart management of next generation networks. The project covers the following:

  • Design new optimisation approaches for the dimensioning of Network Slice. This amounts to computing optimal physical resources for the deployment of Network Slices under quality of service, resilience and slice priority constraints.
  • Study data-driven learning mechanisms for the dynamic reconfiguration of Network Slices (auto-scaling, load balancing and migration) to maintain satisfactory performances despite extremely variable load conditions.
  • Develop a software environment for the simulation, performance evaluation and optimisation of virtualized networks on top of a multi-domain and multi-technology infrastructure. This environment will integrate all the algorithms developed during the project for network planning and dynamic reconfiguration.